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VR brings proven clinical benefits to patients with pain or anxiety, who need rehabilitation, or who suffer from multiple other conditions. However, too few professionals and patients are aware of the Virtual Reality option.

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About VRforHealth

VRforHealth is the one-stop online resource for information in English and French about the wellness and clinical uses of Virtual Reality, with insights from the editorial team and guest contributors from all of healthcare.

The content is found in original blog articles, in curated videos per condition, in original partner content sections.

VRforHealth is under the care and responsibility of Denise Silber, an international pioneer in digital health and patient-inclusion and founder of Basil Strategies, digital health communications agency and the Doctors 2.0 & You conference series. Please contact her with your partnership ideas, if you too are seeking to tell the world about the benefits of virtual reality for patients and their care team.

VR for Anxiety & Depression

These videos provide information and testimonials about the use of Virtual Reality therapy in managing anxiety and other mental health disorders (general anxiety, phobias, post-traumatic stress syndrome...)


VR for Pain

These videos provide information, and testimonials about the use of Virtual Reality therapy in managing pain, both chronic and acute.


VR for Rehabilitation

The following videos provide news, information, and testimonials about the use of Virtual Reality in rehabilitation therapy.

Selection criteria include: informational value, recent date of first posting, and quality of the source.


VR for Healthcare Professionals

Medical Conference Replays about VR for Wellness and Therapeutic Indications