Shift Medical 2020 (Sept. 24-26): 5 Reasons to Join VRforHealth at this Full-Virtual Event!

Will Shift Medical 2020 (September 24-26, 2020), Europe’s largest Medical XR Congress and Expo, led by Lars Riedemann, be this fall’s most exciting conference on immersive technologies?

  1. The full-virtual program spanning three days has enabled Shift Medical to accommodate the busy schedule of 65+ of the leading innovators in the field and a total of 500 participants from 40 countries. The staging of the conference itself will innovate thanks to Tricat Spaces 3D Worlds. All participants will engage via a personalized avatar. Up to 36 protagonists can be on stage at once, with full avatar interactivity. Co-founders Denise and Beth will both be participating.
  2. The conference brings together start-ups, universities, medical centers, regulatory bodies, investors…. The universities include: Augsburg, U of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer, Freiberg, Harvard, Heidelberg, Johns Hopkins, Mannheim, Rutgers, Stanford, U Penn, U Washington. Medical centers include: Balgrist (Zurich), Boston Children’s, Cedars-Sinai, Clinique St-Jean (Brussels), Fraunhofer Hertz Institute, German Center for Degenerative Diseases, Heidelberg, Hoag Memorial...
  3. We are beyond excited to report that Denise Silber will moderate the Mental Health Session on Sept. 26th from 7:30 to 9pm CEST, with Erin Bogdanski, Walter Greenleaf, Susan Persky, Skip Rizzo. Other exciting sessions will cover further use cases of immersive technologies, how a medical center can get started, regulatory advances, the road to reimbursement, where the equipment and technology is heading.
  4. This not for profit event is placed at a very attractive price point for registration.
  5. Imagine yourself in the exciting virtual conference space. Check the trailer at the end of the post.
Denise Silber, seen here with the other moderators, will chair the “Mental Health” session

Check out the exciting virtual conference space and technologies by watching this very short video trailer!