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By providing videos and testimony on the use of virtual reality, you are putting all the information in one place and making it easy for anyone to access! The biggest problem I have found as a person living with chronic pain is that, although there is a lot of information about chronic pain available, it is not easily accessible – you have to search so many places to get part of the BIG picture! You have created a clean and clear source that anyone can use to access and understand information on VR! Great job!

Tom Norris, retired lieutenant colonel and patient-user of Virtual Reality, Los Angeles

VRforHealth.com is an amazing resource for women wanting to learn more about the benefits of using VR during childbirth. Having used VR during the birth of both of my daughters, I know firsthand how this can be an effective tool in managing the most painful moments of childbirth.

Erin Martucci, patient-user of Virtual Reality, New York State.

VRforHealth.com is a remarkable idea! Virtual Reality therapeutics is a reality in today’s healthcare landscape, and time will only prove its importance as a helpful adjunct to how we keep and improve health and wellbeing; it is a tool that every provider and patient should be familiar with. This platform offers an informed, curated, and easy to understand source of information that will allow better decision-making by all the players involved. I’m impressed by (but not surprised), and grateful to Denise, her co-founder Beth, and the team for making this possible and available to all of us.

Dr Rafael Grossmann, MD, FACS

As a clinician and organizer of services for people in distress, my attention was really captured by the VRforHealth platform, a curated pathway to understanding what is possible thanks to therapeutic VR.

Dr Michael Fratkin, Resolution Care, Eureka, California

VRforHealth.com is a valuable resource with curated content and to find out which institutions are utilizing VR. As an author to a textbook chapter on VR for nursing and medical professionals, I find this website instrumental as an information resource on VR in its various uses, for decreasing pain and anxiety, for distracting children, and others.

Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA, author, speaker, HealthIn30.com
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Given the fractionalized world of therapeutic virtual reality, there has not been a site which offered a platform for the coordination of the VR creators, clinical providers and patients. Now, www.vrforhealth.com, the brainchild of Denise Silber and Beth Savoldelli is available. This is a well thought out and designed site that could become the needed hub to help the VR community crystalize and grow. This could be the start of something big!

Howard Gurr, Psychologist, founder of VRTTHERAPY.COM, Dix Hills, NY

I’m encouraged to see this website from Denise and Beth come to fruition and help to serve the needed education for both patients and practitioners.

Robert Fine, Executive Director, IVRHA (International Virtual Reality and Healthcare Association), Washington, DC

VRforHealth.com solves the problem of how to keep track of the advances in therapeutic VR, by providing a much needed independent and centralized resource to stay on top of this emerging field. The opioid crisis had already highlighted the need for alternative solutions to pain management. The pandemic has accelerated the need for non-pharmacologic mental health resources for both physicians and patients. VR could play an important role, providing immersive and immediate solutions to help alleviate stress, reduce anxiety and manage pain. I believe VR represents the next generation of digital health solutions and I’m happy to know there’s now a resource available to stay on top of advances in this field.

Kristin Milburn, Global Head of Digital Health Partnerships, Healthware Group (NY and Salerno, It.)

I love the VRforHealth website. Visitors will understand the purpose at first sight, and all the more so in this isolating Covid period. Having experienced VR for anxiety at my dentist, I am completely aligned with the mission of this exciting new venture, co-founded by one of our alumna entrepreneurs!

Regina Ryan, President of Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs, Boston
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VRforHealth.com has put together in one place, all the pieces in my head of how we need to take VR forward and how. It is all presented beautifully and simply on the platform.

Ross O’Brien, Digital Innovation Director, NHS, London, UK

This is an incredibly valuable educational tool for anyone interested in finding out more about the boundless opportunities for immersive technology in improving healthcare outcomes.

Sarah Ticho, Founder Hatsumi, Healthcare Lead Immerse UK, London, UK

VRforHealth provides a great source of curated information about the application of virtual reality in healthcare, an area which is rapidly growing as digital therapeutics, including VR, become more accepted as a form of medicine.

Dr Paul Tunnah, Founder, pharmaphorum & Chief Content Officer, Healthware

VRforHealth, a fascinating website, opened my vision and got me excited about Virtual Reality. The videos are all in one place, up to date, validated. We can form our own opinion by comparing the examples. This site will be the go-to place for healthcare professionals who might like to establish this type of care, in their practice, –pharmacists, dentists, physiotherapists, psychologists, or a private clinic, which here in the UK means that they would have the required time to see the patient. With this amazing website, a pharmacy owner could learn how to do a pilot in their pharmacy for walk-in patients, in partnership with companies whose work they see here. A community pharmacy is one of the ideal places to do this in the UK.

Arun Nadarasa MRPharmS, community pharmacist, London, UK
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The VR forHealth website rightly covers the need to bring together in one place resources and specific information on virtual reality in health. Patients, professionals and anyone interested in this field have at their disposal a careful selection of videos, classified by therapeutic categories, as well as the main news in the sector. Personally, I am surprised to see the amount of resources already available and the degree of adoption that has already been achieved. Without a doubt, this is a website that professionals should recommend to their patients and colleagues.

Miguel Tovar, pharmacist, Barcelona, Spain

I like the modularity of VRforHealth.com which makes for an easier experience for the visitor. VRforHealth is not there to explain everything, but to make it easier to access the whole ocean of VR in health. The visitor can easily find targeted content and do a deep dive. The content is well organized, so you’re not overwhelmed, when you first land on the site, and you can pick among the topics for further discussion. As to the blog, I like the clear articles and facts.

Valentino Megale, PhD in neuropharmacology, CEO at Softcare Studios and co-founder of TOMMI, Italy

The purpose of the VRforHealth website is to raise awareness for professionals and patients, of therapeutic VR solutions. The use of VR is growing rapidly, and it is essential to know which contents and tools enable a real improvement of patient care, all the way through the patient pathway. Patients will be able to keep themselves informed of the progress in research and of the tools and devices from which they can benefit.

Mélanie Peron, founder of L’Effet Papillon, Laval, France

VRforHealth.com is a very professional website on a cutting-edge topic. I was particularly interested in the innovative solutions regarding pain in both adults and in certain pediatric conditions and that they enable us to avoid pharmacological intervention.

Zhizhong “Joel” Yao, PhD , biotech venture investor, Paris, France

Our entire industry is built upon the notion that shared experience leads to meaningful change. VRforHealth cultivates experiences that will shape the future for all of us, and for millions of others across the world. As a VA patient seeking a better reality for others in my shoes, this community brings me hope. May these stories inspire you to share your own journey, and to be a part of ours.

Tim Fitzpatrick, CEO and Co-Founder at IKONA Health, New York City

With the launch of VRforHealth, we benefit from a new media platform that integrates and organizes the multiple initiatives in Therapeutic VR. Knowing Denise Silber, one of the two co-founders, for a number of years, I am aware of her deep, long-lasting commitment to the promotion of digital health technologies for the information of patients and the training of professionals in new use cases, as well as her international perspective and network. We see these features in the editorial and content policy of the VRforHealth team, which is open to new models and methods and very attuned to the news of the VR ecosystem. I am happy to support this platform and look forward to following the team.

Jérôme Leleu, CEO of SIMforHealth, President of Interaction Healthcare, Bordeaux

It’s great to see a website that has organized the videos on the research being done within VR therapy.

Dr Brandon Birckhead, Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles.

VR in medicine. With concrete examples and user testimony, this site provides an overview of ongoing and validated work in medical VR. The full potential of VR in medicine becomes accessible to all!

Pr. Fabrice Denis, Oncologist and eHealth expert, Institut du Cancer Jean-Bernard, Le Mans, France
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Therapeutic VR is a rapidly growing area of digital medicine, and VRforHealth articulates very well the benefits of these technologies in addressing different kinds of clinical challenges, involved with mental health, without the use of drugs. Helping us understand the use of VR for digital therapies across a wide range of medical conditions is critical. With the rich content and their network, VRforHealth is destined to fill a very important role.

David Wortley, VP, International Society of Digital Medicine (ISDM)

VRforHealth is an important resource. The use of VR and AR technology in clinical care is advancing at great speed — so fast that staying on top of all the advances can be daunting. I applaud Denise and Beth for their contributions towards moving the field forward.

Walter Greenleaf, Stanford University Virtual Human Interaction Lab