Giant Health 2020: Replay of Denise Silber, VRforHealth, on Clinical Trials in VR and Cancer

Speakers of the Digital Therapeutics & Rehabilitation Session

At Giant Health 2020, VRforHealth was represented by co-founder Denise Silber, who spoke in the Digital Therapeutics and Rehabilitation Session of the Immersive Technologies track organized by David Wortley.

Denise presented VRforHealth and our goal of providing patients and providers with a one-stop resource of quality content regarding the therapeutic use of Virtual Reality. She then provided a short overview of the use case of VR for cancer patients, by focusing in on the completed and ongoing clinical trials on, in which VR is used as a therapy to manage the symptoms of cancer.

Why is this use case of interest? Pain and anxiety are not only general conditions for which VR is effective, they are also frequent symptoms in cancer patients, and ones which intensify each other. So, using a therapy like VR which works simultaneously on both, is of great interest. As a result, there have already been many published trials and others are on the way.

VRforHealth will be pursuing our analysis of the use of Virtual Reality in clinical trials in various medical conditions and looks forward to welcoming partners, interested in contributing to the effort. The video below is set to Denise’s presentation at 1’11”, but you are welcome to watch the entire program.