Walter Greenleaf on Digital Therapeutics, AR/VR, and sensor-driven health | ApplySci Silicon Valley

The ApplySci Wearable Tech + Digital Health + Neurotech Conference on Sand Hill Road was the setting for this presentation by Dr. Walter Greenleaf, neuroscientist and technology developer at Stanford University. Calling it the Digital Health Revolution, Dr. Greenleaf detailed the overall landscape of Extended Reality (XR), including Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR), and its impact on neuroscience. Please note the following times and topics:
4’01” Intro to the Digital Health Revolution
4’08” Emerging Technologies
13’02” Overall Landscape of XR Technologies
18’50” Neuroscience of XR
28’28” History of VR
29’11” Current Status of VR
42’19” Future Predictions

Date first published: 01/03/2020
Running Time: 54’29”
Producer: ApplySci (university)