Best Clinical VR Research of 2020: Winners of the Cedars Sinai vMed Research Competition

In this program devoted to the winners of the Cedars Sinai vMed Research Competition of 2020, Dr. Brennan Spiegel, Director of Health Services Research for Cedars-Sinai Health System, introduces the winners. They were selected based on innovation, topic importance and quality of research methodology. Presentation times are as follows:
0’00 Brennan Spiegel “Introduction”
6’41” Bhumit Desai “Efficacy of Virtual Reality in Pain Reduction in Orthopaedic Pediatric Patients Measured by Patient Feedback and Heart Monitoring”
21’36” Gideon Blumstein “Randomized Trial of Virtual Reality Tool to Teach Surgical Technique for Tribal Shaft Fracturing Intramedullary Nailing”
39’40” Melissa Beaudoin “Predictive Analysis of the Responders of Avatar Therapy in Treatment Resistent Patients with Schizophrenia”
57’57” Victoria Gulick “Effect of Virtual Reality Enhanced Excercise and Education Intervention on Patient Engagement and Learning in Cardiac Rehabilitation”

Date first published: 01/12/2020
Running Time: 77’58”
Producer: Virtual Medicine Conference (university)