Modifying the Matrix: Virtual Reality, Perception and Pain

This video showcases the MedVR Symposium on Virtual Reality in Healthcare. MedVR is a multidisciplinary organization, composed of the VR components of various academic centers. Dr. Owen Williamson, MD, and Dr. Diane Gromala, PhD, discuss how VR can modify the neuromatrix, the network of nerves in the brain that percieves pain as a feeling, and therefore affect pain perception. Please note the sequences as follows:
4’08” Owen Williamson “Definition of Pain”
11’43” Origin of Body Parts and Pain
16’48” Distorted Body Image and Pain
25’48” Virtual Reality and Pain
27’01” Diane Gromala “Where to From Here?”
28’11” Long Term Strategies
30’27” Multidisciplinary Strategy
39’08” Q&A

Date first published: 01/03/2021
Running Time: 61’17”
Producer: MedVR (Academic Symposium)