Stanford VHIL VR Research Roundup 2020

In this summary of the research done in 2020 at the Stanford Human Interaction Lab, Dr. Jeremy Bailenson, director of the lab, hosts presentations by researchers. Presenters include Marijn Mado, PhD; Anna Queiros, PhD; Aditya Vishwanath, PhD; and Geraldine Fauville, PhD. Presentation times are as follows.
0’00 Introduction
0’34” Marijn Mado “Children’s VR Use at Home During COVID-19”
11’02 Anna Queiros “Immersion Effects on Affective and Cognitive Learning”
24’35” Aditya Vishwanath “The Many Futures of Virtual Learning Environments”
29’49” Geraldine Fauville “Aquatic VR and Vection”
38’47 Jeremy Bailenon “More Research Being Done at the VHIL”

Date first published: 01/11/2020
Running Time: 53’00”
Producer: Virtual Human Interaction Lab (university)