VR Therapeutics Talk

The University of Southern California’s Smart VR Center hosts the second “Smart VR Talk”. Marientina Gotsis, co-director of the Smart VR Center, and Vangelis Lympouridis, PhD, interview and discuss with Josh Sackman, co-founder and president of AppliedVR, and Aaron Gani, founder and CEO of BehaVR, discuss virtual reality and its role in therapeutics. Please note the sequences as follows:
0’00” Introduction
3’36” Intro to Applied VR
5’59” Intro to BehaVR
8’33” The outline of AppliedVR’s Startup Journey
12’47” The outline of BehaVR’s startup journey
17’08” Current Challenges to VR Therapeutics
22’36” The Healthcare Ecosystem
35’06” Challenges with Clinical Trials
39’19” Payers
43’54” Gaps in Training
46’30” Q&A

Date first published: 01/04/2021
Running Time: 60’29”
Producer: USC Smart VR Center (Research Center)