MedTech Insights Replay on new technologies for better patient care

This episode of MedTech Insights features VRforHealth CEO Denise Silber alongside hosts Dr. Jennifer Joe and Dr. Ami Bhatt Maniar, as well as Kim Shah, CEO of KnowYourMeds. This stimulating 45-minute conversation highlights the importance of technology and the role of companies like VRforHealth in advancing patient advocacy and access to healthcare. Silber and Shah both discuss their professional backgrounds and their current missions with VRforHealth and KnowYourMeds respectively, both of which have one common goal: to arm patients and healthcare professionals with a wealth of information that could lead to better, more informed care in all care settings. 

Silber and Shah both place an enormous amount of emphasis on the importance of access to information for both patients and providers alike. While patients can always stand to benefit from more knowledge about novel therapies for their conditions, which can be found in VRforHealth’s video library, Drs. Joe and Bhatt additionally thank Silber for providing essential information to healthcare providers that can positively supplement their care of pervasive chronic conditions like anxiety disorders and chronic pain. 

            In discussing her work with VRforHealth, Denise provides a comprehensive overview of the use of VR in healthcare today, as well as identifying critical points to consider as the symbiotic relationship between technology and healthcare continues to develop. A concise presentation of the geographic spread of clinical Virtual Reality research across the globe is followed by a discussion of conditions that can stand to benefit from ongoing VR studies, ranging from schizophrenia to labor pain during childbirth. Denise presents the difficulties of developing therapies with technology that is itself rapidly developing as challenging but exciting opportunities for the healthcare industry, which will surely only benefit from the continued use of Virtual Reality in a growing number and variety of care settings across the world. 

Watch the replay here: