GIANT Healthy Innovators Replay : technologies and mental health

GIANT Healthy Innovators Live TV with Barry Shrier recently featured VRforHealth co-founder Denise Silber on the tenth episode of its third season, alongside Zain Sikafi, Co-founder and CEO of Mynurva. Sikafi aims to improve the accessibility of psychological therapies by promoting telehealth alternatives through his startup, making him a wonderful complement to this episode’s theme of technological innovations in healthcare and Denise Silber’s mission with VRforHealth.

The discussion weaves through numerous points regarding the past, present, and future of technology in healthcare and the manner in which the technological innovations being promoted by both Silber and Sikafi are impacting the efficacy and accessibility of care. This is especially relevant given the recent advances in both methodology and accessibility of digital therapy due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as is noted by both guests; the novelty of digital healthcare is sure to fade as therapies like those found in the VRforHealth database become increasingly integrated into everyday therapeutics.

This is echoed by Silber and Sikafi’s vision for the future of technology in healthcare, as both aim to improve the quality and availability of digital care through their respective projects. Additionally, Denise raises the question of ethics within digital therapeutics, which is a palpable concern for this discussion concerning the increasing prevalence of technology in healthcare, including Artificial Intelligence healthcare chatbots and apps designed to monitor symptom progression. Bioethics is central to this discussion and is clearly on the minds of both Silber and Sikafi. As Denise notes, the fight to integrate technology with healthcare is coming to a close, and we now must examine how to execute that integration well, in both the methodological and ethical sense. This episode of GIANT Healthy Innovators Live TV is ideal for anyone interested in technological innovations within healthcare, digital therapeutics, mental health, healthcare startups, bioethics, and of course, Virtual Reality in healthcare.

Watch the replay here!