Join VRforHealth at Virtual Medicine Conference 2022 March 24-25th. It’s virtual!

vMed22 on March 4-25, 2022 is virtual. Registrants will access the replay for one year.

VRforHealth is very happy to support the Virtual Medicine Conference, organized by Dr Brennan Spiegel, and thanks to which our co-founders Denise Silber and Beth Savoldelli met for the very first time and went on to imagine, a single resource for information about and access to the wellness and therapeutic uses of Virtual Reality. Here is the founding story. And here is Denise’s review of Dr Spiegel’s excellent book.

That edition of the conference took place in an auditorium at Cedars-Sinai, a worldclass hospital in West Hollywood, California. In 2022, still because of Covid, the conference will be virtual, so as not to endanger patients by bringing in the audience, speakers, and exhibitors. Co-founder Denise Silber will be moderating the chat on some of the conference feeds at Vmed22 and hopes to see you online. Register now!

How will Virtual Medicine be projected?

The conference team searched high and low for a more immersive platform to support the annual Virtual Medicine (vMed) conference. They found Hubb by @Notified. Here is what the lobby will look like.

Who are some of the speakers and what are their topics?

Here is the agenda and you’ll find examples below. The conference will cover Virtual Reality and anesthesia, PTSD, addiction, schizophrenia, rehab, pain, “cyberdelics”, burnout, use in cardiology, and mmore.

Example: Nanea Reeves, CEO of TRIPP Inc will explain “The Cyberdelic Tripp: How VR promotes cognitive flow.”

Example: How can #VR support cognitive behavioral therapy for people with schizophrenia? Dr. Alexandre Dumais of U. Montreal will discuss VR “trialogue therapy” in his forthcoming talk.

Example: Where Virtual Medicine Meets the Metaverse is also where the innovative Dr. Rafael Grossmann (@ZGJR on Twitter) explores the question “Where will MXR be in 2032?” Dr Grossmann is VRforHealth Clinical Advisor.

There are many more. You can follow VRforHealth on Twitter and LinkedIn where we provide all the last news on #vMed22. See you there!