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VRforHealth Directory Testimonials

VRforHealth is delighted to announce that, in pursuit of our mission to facilitate professional and patient knowledge of and access to quality Virtual Reality wellness and therapeutic solutions, the introduction of the new VRforHealth Directory, accessible from our home page and here.

Why is Virtual Reality of interest to professionals and patients? Virtual Reality technology makes possible non-pharmacologic wellness and therapeutic treatments in hundreds of use cases. Nearly 800 such cases are currently being researched around the world. The effectiveness of VR also reduces the time required to achieve results. The key therapeutic indications are pain whether acute or chronic, anxiety and phobias, and re-education. Virtual Reality also demonstrates results in schizophrenia, depression, autism and other mental health conditions. Published research is growing by leaps and bounds with nearly 2000 clinical publications recorded on PubMed in the past year. The United States and Europe are leading in clinical research with equivalent numbers of clinical research trials.

What is the VRforHealth platform ? VRforHealth is a mission-based company providing a one-stop online resource platform. We aim to educate and inform decision-makers in clinical centers and patient networks and associations, about Virtual Reality solutions and their achievements (certifications, published research, regulatory status). VRforHealth and the directory now count over 500 pages of information. This includes 200+ curated videos and conference replays in English and French, presenting explanations of Virtual Reality in pain, anxiety, and re-education, dozens of original articles, and the directory listings.

How does the VRforHealth Directory contribute to the Virtual Reality ecosystem? The VRforHealth Directory is a unique resource providing access to regularly updated profiles of Virtual Reality solutions and technology partners, including the specifics of their use cases, research publications, regulatory status, certification, patents, demo videos,….

The new Directory is highly appreciated by the VR solutions community. Read on!

VRforHealth DirectoryTestimonials

Our VR solutions and technologies partners have graciously accepted to reply to our question “Why have you partnered with VRforHealth?” Please join us in applauding these leaders who are pioneering in the advancement of Virtual Reality for patients everywhere.

Dr. Evelyn Chan, CEO Smileyscope (Australia)

“We could not be more pleased to partner with VRforHealth.
 They seek to put the best solution in the hands of doctors and maximize benefits for patients. With the rapidly changing medical landscape, it is great to see an organization dedicated to searching out the newest options and educating the public on their choices. We look forward to working with them to maximize education on Smileyscope and Virtual Reality in general.”

See the Smileyscope LIsting

Timothée Cabanne, CEO and co-founder of Healthy Mind (France)

VRforHealth allows actors of the medical ecosystem seeking VR digital therapies to immediately find quality information and the right providers and partners. VRforHealth is clearly participating in the democratization of these effective, drug-free virtual reality therapies waiting to be widely used by patients around the world.

See Healthy Mind Listing

  Jessica Maslin, COO  Mieron Inc. (US), 

At Mieron, we create VR Healthcare solutions for patient facing programming in rehab and wellness and are proud to be a part of the VRforHealth community. VRforHealth has always been engaged in industry events, and has taken a strong leadership role in curating viable and reputable community members whose mission is to improve the healthcare model using VR technology.  VRforHealth provides an excellent platform for companies like ours to contribute our findings and stay informed about our industry colleagues. » 

See Mieron Listing

Maria Rankin, Uvisan, Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships (US)

At Uvisan, our mission is to educate people about UVC disinfection while protecting the health of people in the communities we serve. When Beth and Denise shared their mission and passion for sharing critical health data and Virtual Reality solution options, the choice of partner was an easy one. Our partnership with VRforHealth enables us to be a part of an ecosystem providing valuable information about the best available technology in the industry and where to find it. We are excited about what we will all do together as we support the advancement of Virtual Reality usage in healthcare for patients and professionals. 

See the Uvisan Listing

Veena Somareddy, CEO, Neuro Rehab VR, (US)

VRforHealth are doing important work aggregating the best immersive technology solutions for healthcare to help clinicians as well individuals have all the information they need to make the right technology choice for themselves. I’m excited to work along with the amazing Denise and Beth, to showcase our virtual reality solution for rehabilitation

See the Neuro Rehab VR listing

Sarah Hill CEO | Chief Storyteller Healium (US)

At Healium, we’re focused on mental wellness and sleep via our bio and neurofeedback technology. We’re partnering with VRforHealth because we really want to support their work to help communicate quality information about  the health uses of Virtual Reality, not just for our products but for other VRceuticals as well. 

See the Healium Listing

Tarcan Kiper, CEO of Neo Auvra (Turkey, US)

Neo Auvra is a digital holistic health, digital medicine and well-being technologies company utilizing cyber-physical technologies. We are very happy to be a member of the VRforHealth community. We believe that VRforHealth fulfills a big role in expanding the visibility of companies like us, which would bring a new paradigm to healthcare, and assumes a key responsibility in enlarging our ecosystem.

See the Neo Auvra listing

Mohamed Diab, Managing Director of Ebers (UK)

At Ebers, we work with different healthcare stakeholders like pharmaceutical companies and healthcare institutions, along with HCPs & practitioners, however, our main focus is delivering high-quality medical communications to patients worldwide. We are delighted to be part of the amazing network of VRforHealth where we share the same belief that using cutting-edge technologies of  XR & biomedical animations, not only digitally transforms the healthcare sector, but also has a greater impact on patients’ quality of life.

See the Ebers listing

Nanea Reeves, CEO of TRIPP

VR is playing a more integral role in our everyday lives and that extends to healthcare. That’s why we’re delighted to partner with VRforHealth in their mission to make therapeutic VR more accessible to patients and the medical community alike. We can’t wait to educate the public on VR as a digital wellness tool, with TRIPP and other innovators in this space.

See the TRIPP listing

Sid Desai, co-founder of Rocket Vr Health

VR could be the most transformative technology of the next two decades providing breakthrough solutions to some of the most challenging healthcare problems. We are pleased to join VR for Health on their mission to accelerate access to quality information about VR wellness and therapeutic solutions.

See the Rocket Vr Listing

Edward Haravon, Co-founder Get Real XR

“Get Real is the proven leader in guiding organizations on how to integrate VR into their organizations’ strategies. We are eager to contribute to patient and provider well-being as part of the purpose-driven mission of VRforHealth”

See Get Real XR listing here

And please give a warm welcome to our institutional partners:

VR4Rehab (Europe)

Working together in order to shape the future” is our slogan. The secret of mankind’s development and progress can be defined in one word: innovation. We collaborate side by side with VRforHealth, because we believe that progress starts above all by spreading information, and what better way than to make information transparent and sharable to everyone as per the content distributed by VRforHealth. Joining forces to have a greater impact and contribute to the innovation process.

Last but absolutely not least: We are also very fortunate to partner with 18Loop a not for profit bringing VR solutions to children with leukemia.

18Loop CEO and Founder Greg Tarnacki (US)

“Working with VRforHealth and getting access to their amazing network will help us to better serve our kids with cancer. Our VR is a successful family intervention and this partnership will help us to eventually proliferate the xR technology to all children who are diagnosed with the disease. We are pleased to enter this partnership and excited for what it will bring to our constituents.”

See the press release here.

With gratitude for the testimonials from these amazing new partners

as well as the many testimonials from VR experts, which you will find here:

Denise Silber and Beth Savoldelli, co-founders of VRforHealth

See team description here.