VRforHealth Launches Unique Directory and Announces 12 Partnerships with VR Healthcare Industry Leaders

New VRforHealth Directory advances VRforHealth mission to accelerate access to quality information about VR wellness and therapeutic solutions and technologies

TRIPP is delighted to partner with VRforHealth in their mission to make virtual reality more accessible to patients and professionals. Educating the public about VR as a digital wellness tool is key.”

— Nanea Reeves, TRIPP Inc CEO

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — VRforHealth, a mission-based start-up providing a one-stop resource platform for information about the wellness and therapeutic uses of Virtual Reality, announces the launch of a first-of-its-kind Directory, designed to enable decision-makers in clinical centers, patient networks, and payer organizations to identify and connect to quality VR solution companies and technology suppliers.

Created to support VRforHealth’s mission to help accelerate the adoption of Virtual Reality technologies, the Directory features valuable data on each company. These include product use cases, research publications, regulatory status, certification, patents, and achievements, as well as demo videos. Twenty-two industry leaders are currently enrolled, with new arrivals in progress.

The VRforHealth Directory complements the VRforHealth information platform which includes a growing collection of news, original articles and interviews with thought-leaders, as well as curated videos and professional lectures, organized by Virtual Reality use cases (wellness, anxiety, pain, rehabilitation). 

With the introduction of the Directory, VRforHealth contributes to the Virtual Reality healthcare ecosystem in two critical ways, by centralizing easy access to VR Solutions and Suppliers and by enabling the listed companies to update essential technical and regulatory information in real time.

The initial VRforHealth Directory partners include 8 Solutions Partners and 4 Technology Supplier Partners. The Solutions Partners include: Smileyscope (Australia/US), Healthy Mind (France), MieronVR Inc (US), Healium (US), NeOAUVRA (Turkey/US), Neuro Rehab VR (US), Tripp Inc (US) Rocket VR Health (US). The VR technology supplier partners include Uvisan (US), Cleanbox Tech (US), Ebers (UK).

TRIPP Inc CEO, Nanea Reeves, stated that “TRIPP is delighted to partner with VRforHealth in their mission to make therapeutic VR more accessible to patients and the medical community. We can’t wait to educate the public on VR as a digital wellness tool, with TRIPP and other innovators.”

Timothée Cabanne, CEO of Healthy Mind noted that “VRforHealth is participating in the democratization of the effective, drug-free virtual reality therapies that are waiting to be widely used by patients around the world.”

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About VRforHealth

VRforHealth.com is a mission-based start-up, providing an online information platform, designed to accelerate access to the wellness and therapeutic uses of Virtual Reality, by a growing community of healthcare decision-makers. Users benefit from access to original articles and hundreds of curated videos, organized by medical condition. Through its exclusive VRforHealth Directory, VRforHealth.com also showcases detailed profiles of VR solutions providers and their suppliers. VRforHealth, a global business with offices in Dallas, Texas, and Paris, France, was co-founded by two women on a mission, Beth Savoldelli, purpose-driven entrepreneur, cancer survivor and patient advocate and Denise Silber, international digital health and patient engagement expert, founder, and influencer.