Wellness & Therapeutic VR Start-ups : a not-to-miss replay!

Learn about Virtual Reality wellness and therapeutic solutions from those who produce and curate them. Find out how the solutions are designed, how clinical, regulatory, and economic factors impact them, and how patients and professionals use them. This webinar, curated by Denise Silber at the invitation of MedVR.io , enabled participants to meet the founders of leading VR solutions companies and our key health VR information site, VRforHealth.com.

  • Tripp Inc, an award-winning wellness VR platform delivering solutions to Fortune 1000 companies, hospitals/clinics, and households, was represented by Caitlin Krause, Chief Wellness Officer (linkedin).
  • Neuro Rehab VR, with its Virtual Reality System for hospitals, practices, and clinics that therapists can implement into their sessions, was represented by Veena Somareddy, co-founder and CTO (linkedin).
  • Mieron Inc, whose Virtual Reality NeuroTherapy Platform complements PT/OT and pain management practices, will be represented by Jessica Maslin, co-founder, and President (linkedin).
  • VRforHealth, an original web platform curating quality information about VR use cases and solutions, was represented by Denise Silber, co-founder (linkedin).

Denise Silber will moderated the panel and ensured an insightful discussion focusing on the quality of health and medical VR solutions and what the healthcare community needs to know. With all our thanks to the team at MedVR for this opportunity and in particular Steven Max Patterson.

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