Year 1 of the VRforHealth Directory: Meet our Partners

VRforHealth Network Company Partners
VRforHealth Network Company Partners

How can more healthcare professionals and people in general access appropriate Virtual Reality solutions and derive the multiple benefits of these non-pharmacological solutions? At VRforHealth, we share this dream with many and quite likely you!

In addition to the research and design of effective, safe solutions, communication is key in generating awareness. Our contribution is to help make the wellness and therapeutic use cases of virtual reality more widely known, thanks to the hundreds of articles and videos we post and share online, and more accessible thanks to the detailed VR solution and technology company profiles in the VRforHealth Directory.

As the Directory reaches its first anniversary, we wish to honor the many companies that have joined us during this year and express our gratitude for their support.

As Helen Keller said, Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Meet our Wellness & Therapeutic VR Solution Partners:

These VR solution companies are seeking to provide quality applications and demonstrating their value through research and publications, certifications and patents, which they present in their VRforHealth Directory profile.

Healthy Mind is an ISO 13485 certified company, specialized in the development and commercialization of innovative digital medical devices. Healthy Mind VR, an evidence-based, class I medical device, combines neuroscience, medical hypnosis, and high-quality 3D virtual reality immersion to effectively reduce the pain and anxiety of patients and caregivers. Over 200 healthcare establishments, already convinced by the benefits of this solution, use it routinely before, during and after painful or stressful medical procedures in 20 different medical departments. Learn more about Healthy Mind.

Mieron’s Virtual Reality NeuroTherapy system is designed to complement PT/OT and pain management practices. Built for all levels of mobility, Mieron’s library of VRNT exercises include environments and activities designed to help improve range of motion, mobility and pain management to maintain independent Activities of Daily Living. Offering over 60 unique environments including exercises in head and neck, upper extremity, core & trunk, lower extremity, gait training and mental health. Utilized for in/out-patient and telehealth medicine with extensive case uses in SCI, TBI, Stroke, CP, MS etc. Learn more about Mieron.

Neuro Rehab VR envisioned a clinic where patients can use the latest technology to keep track of the patients progress in real time, speed up their recovery, and have fun doing it. They have created a Virtual Reality System for hospitals, practices, and clinics to allow therapist to implement the XR Therapy System into their sessions. Learn more about Neuro Rehab VR.

Rocket VR Health is the only virtual reality digital therapeutics company developing immersive therapy programs to address the unique mental health needs of oncology patients and survivors. The company offers a suite of on-demand evidence-based programs intended to achieve meaningful clinical improvements as measured by widely accepted mental health scores and assessments. Learn more about Rocket VR Health.

Smileyscope‘s VR therapeutic solution addresses the common problem of needlephobic behavior through a patented neuromodulation process that reduces pain signals to the brain and reframes negative real-world stimuli by replacing it with positive VR stimuli at key points in a procedure. The two largest VR trials to date show that Smileyscope reduces pain and anxiety associated with these procedures by 60% and 40%, respectively. Learn more about Smileyscope.

Flow became the number one VR meditation app on the Oculus Go store in 2019 and today Flow has reached 25,000 downloads across multiple platforms (Sidequest- 4.6 stars, PlayStore 5 stars and App Store 5 stars) with followers from all over the world. Flow has published successful case studies and has garnered an array of media attention including a feature in 2021 where BBC Click filmed Flow in Iceland on the volcano creating an immersive meditation to beat stress. Learn more about Flow.

Healium is a drugless, fast-acting mental fitness product … clinically validated to reduce anxiety and improve mood in as little as 4 minutes. It’s powered by your body’s electricity to help you improve your overall mental wellness. Learn more about Healium.

neOAUVRA is a digital holistic health, digital medicine, and well-being technologies company. Our platform offers life-long assistance and companionship to its clients in assessing and training their health in general. With our holistic approach, we precisely help individuals access the most personalized ways to achieve their best physical fitness, emotional wellness, and cognitive performance. Learn more about neOAuvra.

TRIPP is an award-winning breakthrough wellness platform based on scientific research. Proven to drive engagement, TRIPP’s platform is delivering wellness solutions to Fortune 1000 companies, hospitals/clinics, and consumer households, through the use of interactive immersive VR and mobile experiences. We believe in the use of technology for good. Learn more about Tripp.

Meet our VR Technology & Service Partners:

This category is reserved to companies in the Virtual Reality ecosystem, whose technology or service contributes to the overall quality of the VR solution companies. They include not only hard and software technology companies and VR content producers, but as well consultancies, human resources, legal advisors, regulatory experts.

Cleanbox Technology is a global leader in SmartTech Hygiene. Cleanbox products use proprietary patented UVC LED engineering to easily, quickly, safely clean many types of “Shared Items” to healthcare-level (99.999%) decontamination in 60 seconds. Learn more about Cleanbox Technology. And review the Thought Leadership content on disinfection.

Get Real is leading forward-thinking companies, institutions, and organizations in the adoption of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality today. Just as the internet transformed business 25 years ago, the Metaverse is poised to radically change how we train, collaborate, market, visualize data, gather, raise money, and tell one another the stories of our companies and our causes. As consultants with a network of best-in-class software solutions, we work with you to incorporate VR into your organization, in order to dramatically improve the way you work and the wellness and therapeutic services you offer. Learn more about Get Real.

MACE With ample experience in VR and a rich network of manufacturing partners, MACE takes the complexity and guesswork out of the creation of a solution custom fitted to your needs – virtual reality, augmented reality, or mixed. We are a one-stop shop for XR solutions, from purchasing to solution design. The MACE team draws on years of industry experience. We’ll advise on the software and hardware requirements of your solution, while providing hands-on setup, installation, and training, as well as ongoing technical support. Learn more about Mace Virtual Labs.

Uvisan provides UV-C disinfection technology to leading healthcare organizations, universities, and businesses across the globe. Designed to be quick, easy-to-use and cost-effective. Our ‘Cleanroom’ product offers multiple room disinfection for air and surfaces. Uvisan cabinets deliver 360-degree disinfection to shared devices and equipment. Our product range is safe, versatile, certified and can be controlled with a Smart Controller and app. Clean, Charge, Store. Learn more about Uvisan.

Ebers is a healthcare visualization company, we use different technologies (Interactive web platforms/ AR/ VR/ etc.) to fit into: Healthcare marketing & Event activations; Medical training simulations & education for students/ HCPs; VR therapeutic experiences for pain management & exposure therapy. Learn more about Ebers.

And last but not least, please meet our not for profit partners:

18Loop deploys Virtual Reality (VR) technology to help kids with cancer tolerate treatment, recover and thrive. We are engaged in a Joint Experimental Intervention Research Study (JEIRS) with the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO), the oldest and largest pediatric cancer grassroots advocacy organization. It is 18Loop’s goal to provide every child diagnosed with cancer (16,000 in the US and 400,000 globally) with a VR headset. Treatment can be taxing and painful. Recovery can take 1000 days. Gaming, Virtual Stress Management and Multi-player communication will strengthen our kids in their fight against the disease. 91% of our kids report better mood with 18Loop VR. 18Loop is a US-based 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit organization and is HIPAA certified for privacy and security. Learn about our joint press release here.

VR4REHAB is an Open Innovation Network that believes in the power of virtual reality for rehabilitation. VR4REHAB aims to stimulate the creation of VR and AR based rehabilitation tools by bringing together relevant stakeholders and exchange knowledge. Working together in order to create the future. Learn more about VR4REHAB.

With our enduring gratitude to these pioneer, first-mover companies and organizations supporting the growth of the VRforHealth ecosystem – from co-founders Beth Savoldelli and Denise Silber and clinical advisor Dr Rafael Grossmann.

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