From the Hospital to the App Store: Rocket VR Health’s Transformation into Novobeing and Their New Quest Stress Reduction App

In early May, 2023,  Rocket VR Health, a founding member of the VRforHealth Directory, underwent a major rebranding and emerged as Novobeing. The company unveiled a new name and impactful logo and a refreshed website, signaling a significant leap forward for the VR start-up. This comprehensive rebranding effort coincides with the company’s expanded focus on non-clinical wellness applications to augment their existing VR digital therapeutics solutions for healthcare. 

Denise Silber, co-founder of VRforHealth, asked Sid Desai, co-founder and CEO of Novobeing, to take us behind the scenes and  explore the reasons behind this rebranding and discover how Novobeing is looking to evolve its technology and impact the industry. 

“The decision to rebrand from Rocket VR Health to Novobeing was driven by a desire to align our brand identity with the company’s expanded vision and mission.” Sid Desai, co-founder and CEO of Novobeing.

Here is Sid Desai’s reply.

Rebranding to fit our Why: an Expanded Mission

“The decision to rebrand from Rocket VR Health to Novobeing was driven by a desire to align our brand identity with the company’s expanded vision and mission. While Rocket VR Health had successfully established itself as a pioneer in virtual reality digital therapeutics, the company recognized the need to encompass a broader spectrum of well-being applications beyond clinical settings.

Novobeing now embodies our commitment to accessible and transformative solutions, empowering individuals to live healthier, happier lives. The rebranding symbolizes personal growth, and evolution, and embraces the limitless potential of virtual reality technology to bring about positive change.”

A Journey toward a Wider Audience
“Leading up to this rebranding, we have built a robust library of evidence-based immersive solutions and gained invaluable insights from our research partners and our experiences working closely with cancer patients and clinicians in hospitals. 

Collaborations with renowned healthcare institutions, such as the co-development of a VR Distress Management digital therapeutic with Massachusetts General Hospital, and research studies with the University of Calgary and Penn Medicine have showcased the impact and big potential of our  digital therapeutics for use in patients awaiting procedures and enduring long hospital stays. We thought why not share this with the world and reach more people and make a bigger impact? 

These early successes really validated the power of virtual reality in improving mental health and overall well-being and inspired us to extend our  solutions beyond the hospital setting. Our immersive experiences, incorporating meditation, breathwork, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and other proven modalities, are showing promise in relieving distress and anxiety among cancer patients. If our solutions show promise in stressful clinical situations, we are confident that they can impact just about anybody. regular people as well.”

A World where Chronic Stress is not the Default Setting

“At Novobeing we envision  a world where chronic stress is no longer the default setting for millions of people. We strive to turn this vision into reality by offering immersive well-being experiences that are accessible to anyone, anywhere. We aim to empower individuals to manage stress and feel their best through their immersive well-being experiences in virtual reality today but soon in augmented, mixed reality and mobile. We  firmly believe that optimal health should be within everyone’s reach, and we  are determined to make it possible with our  technology. We need a better way to de stress because conventional approaches are not engaging and therefore not as effective as what is possible with the help of XR technology.”

The Novobeing Experience
“Novobeing’s rebranding represents a profound shift in our corporate vision as we expand beyond the boundaries of hospitals and into the lives of a broader audience.. Novobeing is launching for the META platform soon,  where we will combinine meditation, breathwork, music, and multisensory environments to help people achieve relaxation effortlessly. Novobeing is designed to enhance traditional modalities such as meditation and breathwork by infusing them with interactivity, engagement, and fun. By transporting users to tranquil meditative states, Novobeing facilitates stress relief, mental clarity, and inner peace.”

Join Novobeing on an extraordinary journey towards a new era of well-being, where virtual reality becomes a catalyst for personal growth and empowerment. Novobeing is still in Beta and we would love your feedback, ideas or reviews as we are just getting started and want to build the best possible experiences for you!

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