Virtual Reality ? New report from Neuro Rehab VR reveals what hospitals and clinicians are saying!

“… If clinics are to remain competitive, now is the time to invest in VR to revolutionize patient care and system profitability.” — Veena Somareddy, CEO at Neuro Rehab VR

How does Veena Somareddy, CEO of Neuro Rehab VR, reach the conclusion that this is the time for clinics to invest in Virtual Reality?

It’s thanks to the newly-released 2023 State of VR Therapy Report, produced by Neuro Rehab VR after surveying specialty clinicians regarding their experience with Virtual Reality.

Who was surveyed?

54 % of the respondents report themselves as Physical Therapists who treat patients with Neurological conditions such as Stroke, Traumatic Brain lnjury, Spinal Cord lnjury and Multiple Sclerosis. Physical Therapists treating the Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal population was a close second at 46%. Occupational Therapists made up 25% of respondents

What did the professionals reply? Here are some key facts.

70% are familiar with VR.

50% practice in clinics using VR.

85% see VR as a net positive.

40% confirm that patients are asking about “gamified” therapy options — which would suggest that patient satisfaction will rise with the use of virtual reality solutions.

To download the full report, please click here.

Professionals will also be happy to note that Neuro Rehab VR offers a board certified VR Foundational Knowledge Course professional development program. The course is geared to teach and educate therapists about the efficacy and current state of VR technology.

Very interesting reading for those treating patients in need of or already undergoing rehabilitation.

Consult the Neuro Rehab VR website for further information!

Denise Silber