Press Release: VRforHealth Announces New Organizational Development

VRforHealth is delighted to present below our exciting news, set to accelerate our mission in supporting the expansion of the use of wellness and clinical applications of virtual reality for healthcare professionals and patients. The following is our latest press release. We look forward to providing further detail and a new look in January 2024. Sooo, coming soon!

VRforHealth Announces New Organizational Development

The reorganization will optimize impact of expanding, distinctive initiatives led by each cofounder DALLAS, TEXAS / PARIS, FRANCE December 5, 2023 — VRForHealth is excited to announce the next phase of our organizational development, set to accelerate our mission in 2024 and beyond. Our core purpose remains unwavering: to support the expansion of wellness and clinical applications of Virtual Reality for healthcare professionals and their patients. We achieve this by raising awareness about VR technology and facilitating connections to initiate practical VR solutions, and we come before you to announce our news for 2024.

Key Achievements
With the support of our loyal clients and partners,, launched in 2020, has become a trusted international web resource.
It features hundreds of original articles and curated videos in both English and French, fostering connections within the VR community and engaging in new content and event partnerships. Since 2022, we’ve supported the growth of 25 VR solution companies through a new Directory featuring customized marketing services. In 2023, an award winning, multi-partner VR pediatric oncology pilot project in Michigan was spearheaded, enabling our team to make a meaningful impact with children facing cancer.

Our Vision for 2024 and beyond

While our dedication to our clients, partners, and community remains steadfast, we believe that allocating our resources in distinct organizations, specialized by activity, will optimize our impact.

Denise Silber will pursue her responsibility for the website, leading its integration into Basil Strategies, her trailblazing digital health communication and events company, serving the digital health community internationally for 20+ years. Thanks to Basil Strategies, will deepen its bilingual content through the addition of new contributors, partnerships, and event opportunities.

Beth Savoldelli will continue to lead the Directory and Pilot programs through a new company focused on designing and scaling collaborative projects to provide more patients access to leading VR solutions. The growing network of quality partnerships created by the Directory, enables the integration of best-fit VR solutions into practical applications. These projects provide valued metrics and feedback on the impact of their solutions with patients and amplify their visibility in the industry.

We firmly believe that this reorganization will empower us to give these valued initiatives the attention and resources they deserve, strengthening the community of stakeholders engaged in Virtual Reality for wellness and therapeutic uses.

These changes will take effect beginning January 1, 2024.

We greatly appreciate our client and partner’s continued support in bringing these valuable and exciting initiatives to life through our mission and we look forward to working together with you to further impact the space in 2024 and beyond!

For insights and future updates regarding these respective initiatives, please reach out in the New Year, to Denise Silber or Beth Savoldelli.

As always, thank you for playing a meaningful role in our story and adventures– current and evolving!

Denise Silber
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