Virtual Reality “Experiential Education” Helping Young Patients prepare via simulation for radiation

News coverage of Reimagine Well pediatric MRI & Radiation Sedation Reduction Program at Nebraska Medicine. In this video, produced by Omaha, Nebraska 6 News, Reimagine Well pediatric MRI and Radiation Sedation Reduction Program allows children to experience their procedure room using VR technology. This way, they will be acclimated with the environment before they enter it, greatly reducing pre-procedure anxiety. … Read More

IFGWorld uses VR for Chemotherapy

Patient TestimonyIFGworld uses VR to help chemotherapy patients relax at Sarcoma Oncology Center in Santa Monica, CA. In this video, produced by IFGWorld, we hear from a patient at the Sarcoma Oncology Center in Santa Monica, integrating Oculus VR headsets into his Chemotherapy treatment. This patient reports he was able to escape from the regular world, enjoyed his experience and … Read More

VR Therapy

Psychologist presents VR program to help Boulder students reduce their anxiety. In this video, produced by the University of Colorado, Boulder, Clinical Psychologist Sarah Schwarts shows how VR technology can be used to reduce anxiety and fears in students. This way, students can overcome their fears of flying, heights, or public speaking. Date: 27/02/2019Running Time: 1’07”Producer: U of Boulder (University)

Delivering Better Patient Care with Virtual Reality

San Mateo Medical Center use of VR in underserved populations, with physician and patient testimonies. In this video, produced by the California Health Care Foundation in partnership with the Center for Care Innovations Technology Lab, we hear from Dr. Michael Aratow, Chief Medical Information Officer. He uses HTC VIVE and AppliedVR devices to reduce pain in the ER for the … Read More

Richard before and after VR

Patient with previous fear of heights shows us how he is able to look down from upstairs. In this video, produced by OxfordVR, we learn how Richard undergoes a series of VR therapies to recover from his severe fear of heights. This video displays him before his treatments, unable to approach a ledge. It also displays him after his treatment, … Read More