VR Therapy for PTSD and Anxiety: Dr. Barbara Rothbaum

Keith Kurlander and Will Van Derveer, founders of The Integrative Psychiatry Institute, host Dr. Barbara Rothbaum, PhD, on an episode of their podcast “Higher Practice”. The psychologists discuss virtual reality as therapeutic intervention for PTSD and phobias, treatment indications for VR, applications for sexual trauma, and what therapists need to know to get started with VR in their practice. Please … Read More

AI-PAMI Live Webinar Event: Virtual Reality as a Pain Management Tool

In the The Ageing and Integrative Pain Assessment and Management Initiative (AI-PAMI) Webinar, Dr. Doug Suffield, MA, presents his project which addresses non-opioid pain management. Dr. Suffield provides us with an in depth look into the research on virtual reality and pain. Please note the sequences as follows:1’42” Introduction2’39” What is Virtual Reality5’14” Pain Neuroscience9’29” Pain and VR25’39” Recap29’58” VR … Read More

Validating VR’s value using biometrics for research, content creation, and VR training

MedVR is a multidisciplinary organization, composed of the VR components of various academic centers. MedVR facilitates information sharing on virtual reality, and supports this presentation on the value of VR using biometrics for research, content creating, and VR training. Julie LeMoine, PhD candidate, moderates this talk by Dr. Charles Nduka, MD, and Dr. Ifigeneia Mavridou, PhD, on the biometric VR … Read More

Webinar VR in Mental Health

Psious, a behavioural health technology company, Dr. Howard Gurr, PhD, and Jason Goodwin, VR therapy specialist, discuss the scientific validation of virtual reality therapy.