Sarah Ticho Presenting Her Work on Virtual Reality, Grief, and End of Life

Sarah Ticho, Founder of Hatsumi, a WebXR experience company, presents her work on virtual reality and end of life. Ticho discusses the current uses of VR to alleviate pain and anxiety at the end of life, and discusses challenges and opportunities for this field moving forward. Please note the sequences as follows:
0’15 » Introduction
4’59 » Demonstration of VR Game « Deep »
8’26 » VR in Health Care Today
15’14 » Pain Distraction
16’40 » VR Use in Hospices
20’10 » Fear of Death
22’56 » Cyberdelics
30’40 » Challenges and Opportunities for the XR Healthcare Sector

Date first published: 01/03/2021
Running Time: 33’41 »
Producer: Doula UK (Community Interest Company