VR Therapeutics Talk

The University of Southern California’s Smart VR Center hosts the second « Smart VR Talk ». Marientina Gotsis, co-director of the Smart VR Center, and Vangelis Lympouridis, PhD, interview and discuss with Josh Sackman, co-founder and president of AppliedVR, and Aaron Gani, founder and CEO of BehaVR, discuss virtual reality and its role in therapeutics. Please note the sequences as follows:
0’00 » Introduction
3’36 » Intro to Applied VR
5’59 » Intro to BehaVR
8’33 » The outline of AppliedVR’s Startup Journey
12’47 » The outline of BehaVR’s startup journey
17’08 » Current Challenges to VR Therapeutics
22’36 » The Healthcare Ecosystem
35’06 » Challenges with Clinical Trials
39’19 » Payers
43’54 » Gaps in Training
46’30 » Q&A

Date first published: 01/04/2021
Running Time: 60’29 »
Producer: USC Smart VR Center (Research Center)