Réalité Virtuelle en Santé : rencontrez les acteurs internationaux en ligne les 9 et 10 décembre 2021.

Fait nouveau : La situation de Covid en Irlande a contraint les organisateurs à annuler Dublin et placer la conférence en ligne le 9 et 10 décembre, 2021.

Denise Silber, co-founder of VRforHealth met with Robert Fine, founder of the Washington-DC based, IVRHA, International Virtual Reality Healthcare Association, to discuss their upcoming event in Dublin. IVRHA is a member-driven organization of healthcare entities (technology companies, teaching hospitals and universities, healthcare providers and insurance companies). Their mission is to facilitate and support the growth of the virtual reality and healthcare industry, and events are an important part of that role. This third European in-person conference will take place on December 2nd-3rd, 2021 in Dublin, Ireland. With its impressive roster of speakers, Dublin will be the place to be for those interested in the healthcare use cases of Virtual Reality.

VRforHealth, a communication partner of the event, will be present and is offering a 50% promotion code. Just fill in the code vrforhealth on the registration form at the bottom of the page here. See you in Dublin!

Denise Silber: Can you bring us up to date, Bob, about IVRHA and the industry and how the pandemic affected you?

Robert Fine: Like many organizations, we at IVRHA switched to online events during the pandemic. We’ve kept quite busy, thanks to the growing interest in the application of Virtual Reality to healthcare. VR is benefiting from the expansion of telehealth and remote services. However, as you well know, there is still a lot of education to do of the healthcare ecosystem, regarding virtual reality.

DS Yes, we at VRforHealth share your goals and observations and are happy to be a communications partner for your upcoming European event. While Dublin is a rising European conference destination, it’s not that common a destination for digital health conferences. How did you choose it?

RF After one event in Zurich in 2018, we realized that Dublin had various advantages. It’s an easy to access location, attractive to our speakers, the price points are better, and we have been supported financially by the Dublin Tourist Bureau in both 2019 and now in 2021. Additionally, the end of year holiday decorations that are already visible around town at that time add to the charm of the experience. We will likely stay on in Dublin for our European events to come and continue as well in the spring in Nashville, Tennessee, for the foreseeable future, on the US side.

DS Well, thank you Dublin and the Tourist Bureau, indeed! What can you tell us about the conference experience in Dublin 2021. What will it be like to attend in terms of programming, exhibits, sponsorship?

RF It’s always a challenge to summarize the event experience. As you know yourself, an in person event is as much about the people you meet and the side conversations as the program itself. However, I can say that attendees can choose to attend one day or both, and that Day 1 will emphasize news coming from the producers of VR applications, whereas Day 2 will focus more on educating the clinician and discussing how a clinic or hospital can integrate its VR strategy. We thank Frances Ayalasomayajula, the president of Reach, an organization devoted to thought leadership in healthcare for the Day 2 content. Dr Robert Louis of Hoag (whose center VRforHealth posted this week) will lead a workshop on day 2. There will be a hands-on demonstration exhibit space on both days. We have several confirmed sponsors including HP and Pico Interactive, both for their VR headsets. And it’s still possible to come in as a sponsor and do a demo, for example.

DS. This all sounds great, Bob. And congratulations on the new book, Applied Virtual Reality in Healthcare which can be ordered via this link. How cool that you got a foreword from Palmer Luckey, who turned 29 in September and has made such a mark on Virtual Reality for several years now!

I’m looking forward to participating and delighted that VRforHealth can offer such a sizable discount:

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