Cas d’usage : La diminution de la douleur et de l’anxiété avant, pendant, et après des procédures médicales, grâce à Healthy Mind

The co-founders of Healthy Mind, TImothée Cabanne and Reda Khouadra understood early on in their lives, the difficulty of living with pain and anxiety, because they grew up with parents suffering from chronic pain that was not relieved by medication. Subsequently, Reda who had been a 3D enthusiast since he was 12, realized that there could be a VR solution … Read More

Un livre recommandé par VRforHealth à l’écosystème de la VR en Santé : Applied VR in Healthcare, co-édité par le Dr Walter Greenleaf, LaVonne Roberts, Robert Fine

This article presents the new and VRforHealth recommended book, Applied Virtual Reality in Healthcare: Case Studies and Perspectives. « Reading Applied Virtual Reality in Healthcare is like attending a several-day, virtual reality healthcare conference on demand and at your own speed. It’s a practical book written in a pedagogic style that can benefit both the beginner looking for an overview or … Read More

Cas d’usage: Anxiété pédiatrique (phobie des aiguilles) avec Smileyscope

VRforHealth est heureuse de lancer des articles de type « Cas d’usage de la réalité virtuelle. » Nous remercions notre partenaire de Solutions VR Smileyscope pour ce premier cas d’usage. Virtual Reality Use Case Interview : Pediatric Needle Anxiety  I Facts and Figures about the Use Case Medical Definition of Pediatric Needle Anxiety (PNA) Trypanophobia, or the fear of needles, is the … Read More