Stroke Rehabilitation in VR is here

Demo of VR rehabilitation post stroke. In this video, produced by Rewellio, we learn how rehabilitation following a stroke looks like using VR Therapy, allowing patients a new way to exercise and engage their brains with motivating games. With VR, patients can choose where and when to do their Rehab and learning to use the device is easy. Date: 28/06/2019Running … Read More

Treating PTSD with VR Therapy

Introducing a new Canadian research consortium (U of Alberta Hospital, Government, Military, Veterans) formed to help military and veterans with PTSD, using VR therapy. This video filmed at Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, introduces a new Canadian consortium, Heroes in Mind, Advocacy & Research Consortium (HiMARC) composed of the University of Alberta Hospital, the Canadian government, military and veterans. HiMARC, formed to … Read More

HiMARC: VR for PTSD treatment is ‘just the beginning’

Social Worker presents interest of VR for Canadian military PTSD victims. In this video, produced by University of Alberta, Captain Harpe, Social Work Officer, describes the need for treating PTSD using the VRTherapy CAREN System. The program is offerred by a new partnership announced between the Univeristy of Alberta and Heroes in Mind Advocacy Consortium HiMARC to support military, veterans, … Read More