Managing Chronic Pain with VR

Testimony from patient and professional on use of VR to manage pain. In this video, produced by KPRC Channel 2 News, Houston, physical therapist Jeff Hathaway of Breakthrough Physical Therapy, describes how VR technology combined with physical therapy can be used to treat chronic pain without pills. VR can change the brain’s perception of pain, greatly reducing the need for … Read More

Military Veterans turn to VR to manage pain levels

Testimony of Veterans with chronic pain on use of VR. In this video, produced by SWFL ABC Channel 7, we learn from Jamie Kaplan, Recreational Specialist at James A. Haley Veteran’s Hospital in Tampa Bay, how veterans are using VR Therapy to manage pain to decrease use or reliance on opioids. Patient William remarks on the decreased pain that he … Read More

VR Helps Reduce Hospital Patients’ Anxiety & Stress

This video, created by NCTV17 news, displays applications of VR at Edward Hospital In Napier, Illinois. In both children and adults, VR has successfully lowered anxiety levels and created a more calm atmosphere for patients. Ms. Nina Sitler, Childlife Specialist, administers KindVR for pediatric patients. For adult patients, volunteer Ms. Barb Mcdonald provides technology made available by AppliedVR. Chris, a … Read More

Could VR be the Future of Pain Relief?

News coverage includes testimony on use of VR for pain relief. In this video, produced by 9News Austrailia, we hear Professor Philip Siddall from the HammondCare Greenwich Hospital discuss a study incorporating VR into pain relief treatment for spinal cord injury patients. The Oculus VR, with appropriate content, can immerse patients in different simulations, subduing the brain’s pain signals without … Read More

VR Easing Dental Anxiety

Dentist creates Opera VR company to provide headsets that reduce anxiety in dental patients. In this video, produced by WDIV 4 News in Detroit Michigan, Dr. Brian Laskin, founder of Opera VR explains how VR reduces dental anxiety without using drugs. Patients can experience a variety of adventures or relaxing scenes through their headsets, taking their mind off of the … Read More

Using VR to Fight Depression

In this video, produced by Fox10 News, VR is being used at the University of California, Los Angeles to fight depression by allowing patients to be immersed in beautiful scenarios. THe patient are told to focus on drawing positive ideas from the experience, retraining their brains to focus on things that bring them joy. Date: 25/04/2019Running Time: 1’49 »Producer: Fox News … Read More