Virtual Reality at the US Department of Veterans Affairs : a guest contribution

As use-cases have expanded, so have VA patient areas where VR can be found: medical-surgical, intensive care, inpatient mental health, spinal cord injury, and residential treatment units, VA Community Living Centers (short and long-term care and hospice), various outpatient clinics, operating rooms, and even in Veterans’ homes. 

Join VRforHealth at Virtual Medicine Conference 2022 March 24-25th. It’s virtual!

VRforHealth is very happy to support the Virtual Medicine Conference, organized by Dr Brennan Spiegel, and thanks to which our co-founders Denise Silber and Beth Savoldelli met for the very first time and went on to imagine, a single resource for information about and access to the wellness and therapeutic uses of Virtual Reality. Here is the founding story. … Read More

Webinar Integrating VR into psychotherapy for anxious youth

Webinar with Asst Professor of Clinical Psychology. A 40 min lecture on why VR could be integrated into CBT. At 12 mins, she begins explanation of exposure therapy, followed by VR therapy. After 40 min, questions follow. Date: 01/11/2019Running Time: Webinar Integrating VR into psychotherapy for anxious youthProducer: Brain & Behavior Research Fdtn (Foundation)

Exposure Therapy for Anxiety Using VR

Student at Wellness Facility demos use of VR headset. Viewer can see samples of exposure therapy programs. In this video, produced by Parallel Wellness, we hear from Jannie Ngo, a Practicum Student who demonstrates how to use VR for exposure therapy. Many samples of common fears are possible using the Oculus Go. Jannie does a walkthrough of a VR rollercoaster … Read More

VR Helps Reduce Hospital Patients’ Anxiety & Stress

This video, created by NCTV17 news, displays applications of VR at Edward Hospital In Napier, Illinois. In both children and adults, VR has successfully lowered anxiety levels and created a more calm atmosphere for patients. Ms. Nina Sitler, Childlife Specialist, administers KindVR for pediatric patients. For adult patients, volunteer Ms. Barb Mcdonald provides technology made available by AppliedVR. Chris, a … Read More

VR Easing Dental Anxiety

Dentist creates Opera VR company to provide headsets that reduce anxiety in dental patients. In this video, produced by WDIV 4 News in Detroit Michigan, Dr. Brian Laskin, founder of Opera VR explains how VR reduces dental anxiety without using drugs. Patients can experience a variety of adventures or relaxing scenes through their headsets, taking their mind off of the … Read More

Psious Testimonial – Teresa Morali (ES)

In Spanish: Testimonial of a Spanish psychiatrist on using VR therapy for patients Date: 10/02/2020Running Time: Psious Testimonial | Teresa Morali (ES)Producer: Psious (business)