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Scaling up the XR industry (the collective term for Virtual and Augmented Reality technology) so that many more consumers and professionals can reap the benefits of immersive technology is on everyone’s mind.

Amy Hedrick is CEO of Cleanbox Technology, partners of VRforHealth. Amy explains the key role of disinfection technology in our sponsored Thought Leadership section.

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Cleanbox Technology is a global leader in SmartTech Hygiene.


An interview with Amy Hedrick, CEO & Founder of Cleanbox

Amy Hedrick talks to Denise Silber, co-founder VRforHealth, about getting started, scaling up, and how to surmount the various challenges that present themselves along the way.

READ THE INTERVIEW HEREAn interview with Amy Hedrick, CEO and Founder of Cleanbox


Defining the Facts, Debunking the Myths

How exactly are sicknesses shared in the workplace and in publicly shared spaces? Why is decontamination of shared devices important and can it help reduce our exposure to sicknesses? When and how is UVC an effective tool for health and safety? These questions have important business and human implications.

The problem of microbial contamination is not new to the field of medicine, it is just now that the rest of society is aware of these risks. As industries from airlines to retail turn towards physicians for solutions, we must provide them based upon our cumulative experience. UVC light has repeatedly been proven to effectively kill all known pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses including the Covid19 virus, SARS-Cov2. This has been demonstrated in both solid and porous surfaces and is non-destructive and non-toxic.” Dr. Robert Louis, FAANS, Head of Neurological Surgery at Hoag Memorial Hospital, Empower 360 Endowed Chair for Skull Base and Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery at Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute.

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