Virtual Reality at the US Department of Veterans Affairs : a guest contribution

As use-cases have expanded, so have VA patient areas where VR can be found: medical-surgical, intensive care, inpatient mental health, spinal cord injury, and residential treatment units, VA Community Living Centers (short and long-term care and hospice), various outpatient clinics, operating rooms, and even in Veterans’ homes. 

Welcoming Dr Rafael Grossmann to VRforHealth, as Clinical Advisor

“We are delighted to welcome Dr Grossmann as our Clinical Advisor. We are grateful for the experience he brings, the vision we share, and, last but not least, that he is such a wonderful, people person.” VRforHealth co-founders, Beth Savoldelli and Denise Silber, are on a mission to make Virtual Reality solutions more widely known and accessible to patients and … Read More

VRforHealth Webinar “VR & Pain” replay

VRforHealth’s first Webinar in the VRforHealth Live series is now available for viewing on our official YouTube channel. “VR & Pain – the Patient Experience” features a one-on-one conversation between VRforHealth co-founder and digital health pioneer Denise Silber and Tom Norris, a chronic pain patient, patient advocate, and retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant-Colonel.  Tom also leads chronic pain support groups … Read More

New: Attend the Launch of The Growing Value of XR in Healthcare Report

VRforHealth is proud to support the launch of “The Growing Value of XR in Healthcare in the UK Report”, the first of its kind to explore the use of XR in the UK’s healthcare sector today.  This report has been in the making for a number of months, under the direction of Ross O’Brien, Sarah Ticho and Fiona Kilkelly of the XR … Read More

Skip Rizzo: Clinical Virtual Reality: A Brief Review of the Future!

NorthWestern University’s Center for Behavioural Intervention Technologies hosts this webinar featuring Dr. Skip (Albert) Rizzo, Director of the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies Medical VR Lab. Dr. Rizzo explains what clinical virtual reality is, presents the informed theoretical basis for treatment, and provides case examples for PTSD, autism, and pain. Please note the sequences as follows:0’00” Introduction9’19” … Read More

VR Therapeutics Talk

The University of Southern California’s Smart VR Center hosts the second “Smart VR Talk”. Marientina Gotsis, co-director of the Smart VR Center, and Vangelis Lympouridis, PhD, interview and discuss with Josh Sackman, co-founder and president of AppliedVR, and Aaron Gani, founder and CEO of BehaVR, discuss virtual reality and its role in therapeutics. Please note the sequences as follows:0’00” Introduction3’36” … Read More